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AL AHSA HOSPITAL - a new concept of care


Inpatient Services



Inpatient Services:

At Al Ahsa Hospital, not only are our patients treated with state-of-the-art equipment and by experienced medical and nursing staff, they are also treated with unsurpassed excellent patient care and in a comfortable setting from the time they walk through our doors until they are discharged.


According to national and international patient safety and quality standards, the Hospital was built to meet the world's best healthcare standards at very considerable rates.



The hospital consists of 241 beds including royal suites, VIP rooms, private rooms, and regular rooms covering the following specialties:

 - Pediatrics.


 - Male Medical - Surgical.

 - Female Medical - Surgical.


We strive to make your stay pleasant and as comfortable as possible, and we are always happy to discuss any individual requirements or complaints that you may have regarding your stay with our social worker or patient relations officers who can help solve problems you're concerned with, and identify resources in order to maximize your level of satisfaction.



Inpatient Wards