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AL AHSA HOSPITAL - a new concept of care


Our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Philosophy



Our Mission:
Al Ahsa hospital is committed to consistently improve the healthcare quality by providing excellent preventive and curative medical services to our patients through adopting national and international standards, recruiting skilled staff in order to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in a safe environment.
Our Vision:
To be the preferred choice for patients, associates and all healthcare providers in the eastern region.
Our Core Values include:  
Integrity: We act ethically and responsibly in everything we do and hold ourselves accountable for our behavior.
Ethnical and cultural sensitivityBeing sensitive to ethnical and cultural background of patients visitors and employees.
Excellence:  Delivering excellence in all clinical and non-clinical activities.
Compassion:  responding to the emotional needs of patients and their families, during the healing process
Teamwork:  recognizing the power of coordinated input in managing  projects and in the delivery of care.
Innovation: operating with a commitment to seek out and providing effective progressive procedures.
Our Philosophy focuses on:
 1- Our Stakeholders.
 2- Quality and Safety.
 3- Customer Service for All.


Vision & Mission