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Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery Clinic.



Neurological surgery or Neurosurgery, is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders which affect any portion of the nervous system.

The neurosurgery and Spine surgery clinic at Al Ahsa hospital offers a complete clinical diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with spine, brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves disorders for all ages. It offers innovative healthcare services depending on the most advanced medical technologies that we have.


Our Neurosurgeons are ranked among the very best neurosurgeons in their field, and treat all types of conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord, using a range of cutting-edge and neurosurgical approaches such as:

• Brain tumors, including glioma and astrocytoma as well as metastatic brain tumors.

• Epilepsy.

• Hydrocephalus.

• Carpal tunnel syndrome.

• Spinal disc herniation.

• Fractures of the spine.

• Movement disorders.

• Back pain & Neck pain.

• Lumbar vertebrae problems.



Doctors section : Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery Clinic.


Dr.Sami Selim

Dr.Sami Selim

Consultant Neurosurgeon