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Pediatric and Neonatology Clinics



Pediatrics is a branch of medicine concerned with the welfare of children. It therefore includes the various aspects of development and physical health including the treatment of various diseases in addition to preventive healthcare.

We are committed to providing accessible, professional, compassionate pediatric healthcare to the families of our community.

Our experienced pediatricians provide evaluation and treatment for children of different age groups, from birth until the stage adolescence based on the latest clinical information on health issues for children and adolescents.

We respect that the family is the center of the child’s life and what affects one member of a family unit has an effect on the entire family. We welcome families to participate in every aspect of the child’s care and encourage them to communicate their needs and those of their child.

We adopt a team-based approach to provide continuous and comprehensive care with the goal of maximizing health outcomes and improving the family experience with healthcare. 


Our clinics provide:

· Management of acute & chronic cases.

· Immunization.

· Newborn care.

· Gastrointestinal conditions.

· Allergic conditions.

· Respiratory diseases.

· All types of anemia.

· Asthma cases.


We ensure direct patient care at our clinics 6 days a week between the hours of  9:00 AM - 20:00 PM, and do our best to guarantee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage for acute care problems through our pediatric clinic located in the emergency medicine department.



Doctors section : Pediatric and Neonatology Clinics


Dr.Eman Mohamed Moawad

Dr.Eman Mohamed Moawad

Pediatric and Neonatology Consultant
Dr.Ali Khalil

Dr.Ali Khalil

Senior Registrar Neonatologist
Dr. Fadia Ahmad

Dr. Fadia Ahmad

Pediatric & Neonatology Consultant