Nutrition and Weight Management Clinic.



Our Nutrition & Weight Management clinic is dedicated to promoting healthy weight through medical nutrition therapy (MNT). MNT manages a variety of diseases by combining nutrition diagnostic, therapy, and counseling services.


It goes beyond basic nutrition education. This care model helps our patients reach their goals through customized eating plans, behavioral support, and exercise recommendations. 

Our clinical dietitians consider medical issues and personal lifestyle choices when developing the customized plans. All nutrition sessions teach patients to make healthier choices regarding their foods, portion sizes, and meals preparation.

In addition to our expert manpower, our body composition Analyzer- Inbody 720, the trendiest in the market, provides our patients with a detailed report of their body composition and the distribution of fat, muscles, bone mass and water in their different body parts. This report will ensure that the most suitable diet is being given to our patients by analyzing the body composition during different intervals of following our diet plans and monitoring the occurring changes.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled to evaluate progress, provide support and additional counseling, or to modify the nutrition plan.


Nutrition and Weight Management Clinic.


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