Cardiology Clinics



Our Cardiology clinics comprises professional team providing comprehensive evidence-based, quality services and compassionate care for cardiac patients.


Our goal is to help you stay out of the hospital, improve your well-being, and help you live longer healthy.


The state-of-the-art non- invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services are now key elements of the cardiac services at Al Ahsa hospital.


The Cardiology service includes:

· Clinical cardiology such as heart failure, coronary artery diseases, hypertension.

· Non-invasive cardiology focusing on the detection and treatment of heart diseases, using external tests to evaluate and diagnose cardiac disorders.

 It includes: echocardiography, Clinical electrophysiology,ECG (Stress Testing), Holter Monitoring, and many other diagnostic services.


The clinic is supported by a wide range of radiological services and other units such as: 

- The latest advanced 128 slicescomputed tomography machine (CT) used to diagnose and assess various diseases and conditions with high precision, and with a very fast time with a high resolution and ability for 3 and 4 dimension reconstruction which will help the radiologists and cardiologists  to investigate the heart and other parts of the body.


- A CCU unit which is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and technologies for monitoring critically ill cardiac patients.


-ACardiac Catheterization and Coronary Angiography unitthe unit which is equipped with the latest advanced Cardiac and vascular catheterization machine in the Eastern Region.


Cardiology Clinics


Doctors section : Cardiology Clinics


Dr.Elfego Tabet

Dr.Elfego Tabet

Interventional Cardiology Consultant
Dr.  Mohiy El Din Ismail

Dr. Mohiy El Din Ismail

 Cardiology Specialist
Dr. Mohammad Hassan Elrawy

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Elrawy

 Cardiology Consultant