Induction Seminar for fourth-year students of the College of Medicine at King Faisal University in academic year 2019/2020



 Al-Ahsa hospital held an induction seminar for fourth-year students of the College of Medicine at King Faisal University, on the 29th of Muharram 1441 AH (corresponding to the 28th of September 2019), in preparation for their training commencement in the hospital for the fifth consecutive year as of Monday, 1st of Safar 1441 AH (corresponding to the 30th of September 2019).

The induction was chaired by Dr. Hisham Hussein Imam, the Chief of Medical Staff at the hospital and the College Student Training Coordinator at the hospital. The seminar was also attended by more than 200 male and female students among fourth-year students at the College of Medicine at  King Faisal University. They were accompanied by Dr. Khalid Al-Zarqani, Assistant Professor at the Medicine College for Internal Medicine. The students were divided into two groups to make the most of the seminar and give them the opportunity to ask questions about all matters related to their clinical training at Al-Ahsa hospital. The first group included all female students and the second group included all male students. The seminar began with an opening speech delivered by Dr. Hisham Hussein Imam who welcomed the students and the faculty member brining greetings from the hospital administration, represented by Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine, the Executive Director, who wished them a successful training year. Dr. Imam highlighted issues on the training capabilities provided by Al-Ahsa hospital for the students and emphasized that the students should try to make the most of their presence at the hospital by following the instructions of clinical trainers. He also stressed the importance of full compliance by the students with Al-Ahsa hospital’s rules, regulations and policies. He, moreover, confirmed the importance of mandatorily wearing the white lab coat along with the identification badge designed for every student throughout their presence at the hospital. He also confirmed that they should keep the patient information confidential. Then the induction seminar included four lectures as follows:

The first lecture was presented by Ms. Ida Iglesias, Supervisor at the Infection Prevention and Control Department, who talked about the applied methods of infection prevention and control at hospitals and the importance of this for the safety of the patients and healthcare providers. She also spoke about the importance of hand hygiene and frequent hand washing in the hospital before and after dealing with patients, and the importance of this for infection prevention and control at hospitals.

The second lecture was delivered by Mr. Ahmad Asaad, Safety Officer, who spoke about the occupational safety rules applied in the hospital and how to deal with internal and external disasters and emergencies. He also explained how to act in case of fire, how to evacuate the building and how to use the different types of fire extinguishers.

The third lecture was presented by Mrs. Geraldine Salunga, Supervisor of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, who talked about the quality measures that are applied at Al-Ahsa hospital which allowed the latter to earn many accreditations such as the accreditation from the Joint Commission hospital accreditation program granted by the Joint Commission International (JCI), and from the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare institutions (CBAHI), and other international bodies. She also explained to the students the essential patient safety rules and how to apply them.

Then Ms. Douaa Mansour, the Patient Education Supervisor, presented a lecture about the patient and patient family rights. Ms. Mansour talked about the patient rights in terms of receiving an appropriate treatment and the right to know their treatment plan and to refuse such treatment and get the opinion of another physician. She also spoke about the patient right to keep their information confidential and private, which means that this information shall only be disclosed to the patient himself/herself, the person authorized by the patient or the guardian in the case of minors or unconscious/incapacitated patients.

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Hisham Imam allowed the female and male students to inquire about any unclear subject and all addressed questions were answered.  He finally closed the induction seminar by expressing the best success wishes of Al-Ahsa hospital to future physicians.









Induction Seminar for fourth-year students of the College of Medicine at King Faisal University in academic year 2019/2020