Al Ahsa hospital signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the College of Applied Studies & Community Service at King Faisal University to train and employ 100 female citizens among secondary school graduates



Based on the aspirations, trends and objectives of King Faisal University regarding the achievement of scientific leadership concept of building and developing the human resources through the university’s potentials, equipment and specialized expertise that help provide the best-level education and training to meet the labor market requirements, 

In order to achieve the objectives of the College of Applied Studies & Community Service that aims to link the university with all the society sectors and institutions, facilitate education and learning means for every student through the development and delivery of various training programs in all fields and in line with the labor market requirements to enable students to make the most of its provided services,

Whereas Al-Ahsa hospital is a large medical and service institution in Al-Ahsa Governorate aiming to improve its services quantitatively and qualitatively by contributing to the provision of professional and specialized personnel,

As the hospital believes in national resources and confirming what is in the public interest in line with KSA vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020,

Proceeding with the continuous, fruitful and constructive cooperation between King Faisal University and Al-Ahsa hospital in various fields,

For this purpose, both sides signed a joint cooperation agreement in many fields of training, consulting, study and research services between the said College, represented by His Excellency the Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service, Dr. Mohanna Al-Dalami and Al-Ahsa hospital, represented by its Executive Director, Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine at the meeting room at the College Administration on Thursday, 27th of Muharram 1441AH (corresponding to the 26th of September 2019) in the presence of the Dean of the said College, Dr. Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Zaraa, the College supervisor of application programs, Dr. Abdel Hakim Al-Matar, the College supervisor of training management, Professor Abdel Ilah Al-Darwish, the Dean of the College of Clinical Pharmacy, Dr. Bandar Al-Dabib, and the Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr. Mohammad Al-Daej. On the part of Al-Ahsa hospital, the event was attended by the Chief of medical staff, Dr. Hisham Imam, the PR Manager, Mr. Hisham Boodai, HR Manager, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Khalidi, the director of nursing, Ms. Chantal Madi, the Advisor and Head of the Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development Center, Mr. Faisal Al-Dhaher, the Recruitment Officer, Mr. Hamad Al-Yassi, the Training and Development Officer, Mr. Ahmad Al-Rosan and PR Coordinator, Mr. Hamad Al-Aarfaj.

The agreement states that the College shall award the General Nursing Diploma to 100 Saudi females that will be trained in groups. This training will, therefore, lead to their employment by the hospital provided they pass the requested tests and interviews. As a matter of fact, the Saudi female secondary school graduates, scientific section, are particularly targeted by this agreement.

The General Nursing Diploma is one of the programs delivered by the said College. This program is approved and classified by the Ministry of Civil Service and aims to train the female graduates to work in hospitals in cooperation with health specialists serving individuals, families and the community in general. The program duration is divided into five semesters followed by six-month internship, during which the female student follows courses for 76 approved hours in addition to an internship period of six months.

The Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service, Dr. Mohanna Al-Dalami, confirmed that this agreement develops a general framework for cooperation and exchange of experience in fields related to the activities of both parties. He also stated that this would achieve the university's vision and mission in line with its aspirations and objectives of scientific research, teaching or community service.

The Executive Director of Al-Ahsa hospital, Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine also expressed his great pride in signing this MoU with the said college, which shapes the cooperation in scientific training and community service, and made all the hospital’s potential and capabilities available to succeed in this cooperation in order to build, develop and train the national human resources in line with the labor market requirements and needs.

Furthermore, he outlined the close relationship between the hospital and the university in several featured partnerships, and pointed out that this partnership reflects the leading role of both the hospital and the university through the engagement in the supervision of the Nursing Diploma Program delivery and the signing of employment contracts with the admitted female students after they have completed the program. This will achieve the students’ aspirations and will broaden the social work concept and integration between the government sectors and distinguished private institutions.

The hospital’s Executive Director also confirmed that this agreement, similarly to the other agreements signed with King Faisal University, is entered into under the guidance and with the blessing of the Chairman of Al-Ahsa Medical Services Company, Mr. Abdulmohsen Mohamed Al-Othman, who spares no effort to promote and support such strategic partnerships and cooperation with King Faisal University in various fields.
















Al Ahsa hospital signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the College of Applied Studies & Community Service at King Faisal University to train and employ 100 female citizens among secondary school graduates