Al Ahsa Hospital celebrates World Patient Safety Day



Al Ahsa Hospital has celebrated the Word Patient Safety Day under the patronage of  Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine, Executive director of the hospital, on the occasion of the first-ever global event heldon September 17th, 2019 and announced by the Word Health Organization (WHO) under the slogan “Speak up for Patient Safety!” to urge the local and international community to consider the safety of patients as world priority.


During the celebration, three messages were addressed to healthcare leaders, health practitioners, patients and their families. The event focused mainly on the role of leaders concerned with the healthcare and the importance of continuing to place the patient safety on the national health priorities list under the theme "Make Patient Safety Your Priority". It also tackled the role of healthcare providers through engaging patients in their treatment plans and giving them adequate information with regard to diagnosis and treatment and setting a stage for open and transparent culture for patient safety and reporting errors without being blamed and learning from such mistakes.


To provide optimal care and services to patients, the event focused on the role of community members, which is considered one of the most important pillars of healthcare through urging patients to provide accurate information about their medical history and being keen on communicating openly with the healthcare team.


The event had a series of activities, including choosing the best Occurrence Variance Reports, which were reported in the first and second quarters of 2019. This selection was based on several criteria, including the report's impact on improving the quality of healthcare provided for the patient.


To develop the quality of patient safety, a competition was held for the best performance improvement project in 2019. Ten projects participated in the competition and four projects were chosen as the best projects that positively affect the patient safety through improving performance. The result that came out was:

The project on improving compliance with prophylactic antibiotic administration guideline ranked first, while the project on drug dosing calculator in renal disease came at the second place; the third place was given to the project on the duplicated medical file for the same patient, and the project on reducing the incidence of self-extubation came at the fourth place.


The celebration included a set of scientific lectures and displayed videos to raise awareness of health practitioners about the importance of patient safety as a global priority.


The winners of the "Best Performance Improvement Project" award and "Raise Your Voice" awards for the best Occurrence Variance Reports were honored at the end of the ceremony.




















Al Ahsa Hospital celebrates World Patient Safety Day