Preceptorship Workshop



Al Ahsa Hospital – Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development held a workshop title “Preceptorship Workshop” in collaboration with King Faisal University- College of Applied Medical Sciences-Department of Nursing on November 28-29, 2018.


The workshop was conducted at AL Ahsa Hospital – Lecture hall , The workshop started with opening speech by Mr. Ahmad Al Rosan – CMEPD Center Officer welcoming distinguished speakers   &   attendance,  followed by speech of Mr. Faisal Al-Dhaher Consultant - Chairman & Administrator CMEPD Center speech title “Partnership”, as he welcome our distinguished speakers, attendance and workshop coordinator, also he spoke about the purposes of the workshop and hospital collaboration with King Faisal University.


The workshop was designed to prepare healthcare providers for their role as a preceptor, educator, role model, facilitator and evaluator to neophyte nurses.


The program was included five presentations; cases presentation and group discussion presented and coordinated by Dr.  Nadia Yasein Al Jaber- Assistant Head of Nursing Department, Dr. Maria Blesilda - Assistant Professor, Dr. Benjamin Breboneria - Head of Nursing Department & Curriculum Supervisor, and Mr. Ahmad Al Rosan CMEPD Center Officer - Senior Educator.


The program provided the tools, motivation and the basic skill set for the preceptors to be effective in transitioning students or new staff members into a new job role. The program included a discussion of topics such as the principles of adult pedagogy, assessment and evaluation of learning, clinical supervision, and giving feedback.







Preceptorship Workshop