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International Breast Cancer Awareness Month- 2018



Al Ahsa Hospital represented by its Executive Director, Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine, and in the presence of all directors and departments’ heads, has joined hands with Zahra Breast Cancer Association and Private Schools in launching the international breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018,which falls within the month of October of each year. This kind of cooperation comes in to disseminate and spread awareness on the importance of early breast cancer screening for women.


An exhibition was launched by setting up booths at the hospital main lobby to raise awareness about the disease, its reasons, ways for prevention and control, as well as the importance of early detection, and there were also open‐ended questions used in conjunction with explanatory responsesto all raised queries.

In honor of international Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018,the hospital offered no-cost mammograms and breast health education throughout the month of October.


The representatives of Zahra Breast Cancer Association expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the hospital for the continuous participation in such events through providing women with educational and preventive tips, promoting activism in spreading awareness, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.


At the end, and as an initiative of hope and optimism, balloons, carrying pink logo to fight against breast cancer, were released to the open sky at the hospital main entrance.


''illusion'' denotes half the ailment, "tranquility" is half the cure, and "patience" is the first step towards healing.














International Breast Cancer Awareness Month- 2018