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International Day of Older Persons



In accordance with the Islamic values and principles to care for the older persons, Al Ahsa Hospital, under the patronage of its Executive Director Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine, participated in the celebration of “International Day of Older Persons” which coincides on October 1st of each year.


This occasion is one of the most important humanitarian events which aim to draw attention and awareness to both, the problems and crises that the older persons are suffering such as the pyramid and bad treatment, and to appreciate them for every thing they offered during their life.


To enter joy and pleasure to older persons and to appreciate them on behave of the administration of the hospital for their important role in the development of society, the flowers were distributed to them in the ECU unit.


And as a kind of thanks and gratitude for the efforts made by the medical and nursing teams, and as a kind of appreciation for their humanity and attention to the patients through the provision of optimal health care, the photographs were taken.


“Your reverence and respect for the old person is a lesson that young one inspired and learn from it.”




International Day of Older Persons