Orientation session to the fourth year Students of the College of Medicine, King Faisal University



Al-Ahsa Hospital held an Orientation Session to the fourth year Students of the College of Medicine , King Faisal University, in the Hospital Lecture Hall on Saturday, 12th of Moharam 1440H , 22nd of September, 2018. The session was presided by Dr. Hisham Hussein Imam, Chief of Medical Staff at Al-Ahsa Hospital and the Coordinator of Students’ Clinical Training.


Two hundred Male and Female Students who are the total number of the fourth year batch attended the seminar and were accompanied by the University Staff , Dr. Amira Okud from OB & Gyn Department , Dr. Joel Kuruvilla P. from Dermatology Department, and Dr. B. Gosai from Biomedical Science Department. The Students were divided into two groups, one group included the male students and the other group included the female students, in order to give them the chance to get the maximum benefit from the seminar.


The seminar started by an introductory Speech presented by Dr. Hisham Imam who welcomed the students and the University Staff and conveyed to them greetings from the hospital administration represented by Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine, Executive Director, and his wishes for them for a successful clinical training. Dr. Imam advised the students to get, as much as they can, maximum benefit from their Clinical Instructors . He also stressed that the students should follow the hospital rules, regulations, and bylaws, and also emphasized on the importance of wearing the white gown and their ID during their presence in the Hospital. He also stressed on keeping the confidentiality of the patients information and not to declare it to any third party.


The orientation session covered four lectures. The first lecture was presented by Mrs. Geraldine Salunga, the CQI Supervisor, who talked about the applied quality measures that allowed the hospital to get the accreditation of many renowned accreditation bodies such as JCI, CBAHI, CAP, ISO 22000:2005, and others. She also spoke about Essential Safety Requirements which is being applied in the Hospital. The second lecture was presented by Ms. Ida Iglesias, from the infection control dept., who talked about the applied methods of infection control at the Hospital and the importance of this for the safety of both the patients and the healthcare providers. She also spoke about the importance of Hand hygiene and the role of disinfection in the prevention from the Hospital acquired infections. The third lecture was presented by Mrs. Anood Abdulrazaq, Patient Educator, who talked about the Patients and Family rights and responsibilities, and explained the patients’ rights to be aware of his health condition, of the plan of his treatment, and also having the right to refuse the proposed plan of management and seeking a second opinion from another physician. She spoke as well about the health information privacy and security that gives the right to the patient to keep his medical information confidential and not to be declared to anyone except with his permission or the permission of the guardian in case of young or unconscious patient.The fourth lecture was presented by Mr. Ahmad Assad, Safety Officer, who spoke about the safety measures applied in the Hospital and how to deal with emergencies, as well internal and external disasters. He also explained how to act in case of Fire, and how to do evacuation of the building, and how to use the different types of fire extinguishers.


At the end of the orientation session, Dr. Hisham Imam opened the floor for questions or queries, and concluded by wishing the future physicians the best of luck and success in their scientific and practical life.









Orientation session to the fourth year Students of the College of Medicine, King Faisal University