Al-Ahsa Hospital Honors Senior Staff Member Mr Omran Ghannam for Having Spent More Than 18 Years in Continuous Service



In a ceremony attended by all directors, managers, heads of medical and administrative departments, physicians, and employees from the different departments, Al-Ahsa Hospital honored Mr. Omran Ghannam, its senior staff member, for having served the hospital for nearly 18 years. Mr. Ghannam has accompanied the hospital ever since its establishment in 1999 when he was an administrative assistant to the hospital director. In 2002, when the hospital began operating, Mr. Ghannam became responsible for the Purchasing department, then, he assumed other managerial positions, the most recent being Supervisor at the Purchasing Department.

The Executive Director, Dr. Maher Jamaleddine, asserted that this honoring ceremony, and as per the board of directors directives, is one of the most valuable events organized by the Hospital, and that it is the hospital’s duty and obligation, for it acknowledges those who faithfully carry out their jobs and recognizes and celebrates their loyalty, dedication, and continuous giving. He then declared Mr. Omran Ghannam as the “senior staff member” being one of the first people to serve the hospital for 18 consecutive years and proving to everyone his kind-heartedness, competence, honesty, and diligence.

Mr. Omran Ghannam then thanked Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Othman, the Chairman of the Board, the executive management, and all the attendees for this honoring ceremony. He also expressed his pride in serving the hospital for 18 continuous years and his gratitude for all the colleagues he had the privilege to work with over the past years.

Honoring employees is part of the Board of Directors’ plan to raise the quality of the medical and administrative services offered by the hospital through motivating employees from all categories to exert ongoing efforts in the aim of maintaining the sustainable advancement and development of the hospital and its ability to continuously occupy the highest ranks in the healthcare sector.

At the end of the ceremony, the honoree was presented with a recognition plaque and photographs were taken with him, then everyone was invited to lunch.