Infection Prevention & Antibiotic Resistance International Week; “Infection Control Everybody’s Responsibility”



Infection Prevention and control department in Al Ahsa hospital in collaboration with the Directorate of Health affairs for Infection Control in Al Ahsa region organized the International Week for Infection Control and Antibiotic Resistance conducted in the hospital lecture hall and the main lobby on 19-20 November 2017.

The event included many activities which aimed to raise awareness for the healthcare and non-healthcare workers along with the local community.

The event started with a short speech from the hospital Executive Director Dr. Maher Jamaleddine in which he mentioned the great role that infection control departments carry in improving the quality of healthcare services, and point out the leadership role in supporting the infection control program, as well as the collaboration with Ministry of Health which aims to improve the quality of healthcare services to the highest standards and to save patients’ lives.

The head of infection control in the Directorate ofHealth Affairs of Alahsa Region Dr.Hanan Al Shiekh presented a lecture highlighting the importance of infection prevention & control by stressing on the importance of hand hygiene and its vital role in maintaining patient safety.

The Director of Quality Management in Al Ahsa hospital tackled the integrative process between the infection control program and quality improvement programs in maintaining patient safety and improving quality of care.

Several other topics have been addressed, such as the importance of implementation of the infection control program to reduce the financial risks in health care facilities indirectly, the importance of taking the seasonal flu vaccine, antibiotic resistance and reducing its improper use, as well as the risk associated with contaminated needle stick injuries that lead to the transmission of blood born infectious diseases.

The participation of all hospital departmentsand units from medical and non-medical specialties was able to reflect the  true meaning of the term "Infection Control is everybody’s responsibility" through the presentation of visual and interactive educational activities in addition to in-house booth awareness which aimed to provide health education to healthcare workers in particular and to the community in general.

Such Activity consider a true translation to  Al Ahsa hospital vision to be the preferred choice for patients and all healthcare providers. The hospital management has translated this vision to be the leading hospital in the regionfor healthcare quality improvement and patient safety by maintaining international accreditation and achieving national accreditation. Within a year the hospital achieved three accreditations; November 2016, the Joint Commission Reaccreditation (JCI) as well as the accreditation of College of American Pathologists (CAP) was obtained for the first time, and on June 2017, the hospital achieve national accreditation “CBAHI”.


Infection Prevention & Antibiotic Resistance International Week; “Infection Control Everybody’s Responsibility”