Al-Ahsa Hospital the First Private Hospital in Al Ahsa region to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with King Faisal University to Train its COCP Students.



Bearing in mind King Faisal University’s academic and scientific role in spreading knowledge and culture, and encouraging agreements that strengthen this role and help the University become a pioneer in the fields of education, training, and community service,

Emphasizing the role of Al-Ahsa Hospital as a leading medical institution in Al-Ahsa  province due to its continuous support of learning and education process in the healthcare field, and taking into consideration the importance of Al-Ahsa Hospital’s social responsibility and constructive role in developing the community at all levels,

Recognizing the College of Clinical Pharmacy’s need to cooperate with a prestigious hospital in order to train its students and help them acquire scientific and practical skills, and noting that both parties wish to work together to accomplish a fruitful cooperation in regard to the training of students and providing technical support for future research studies and advisory services,

A memorandum of cooperation was signed, with the help of Allah, at the University’s administration on Monday 3 Safar, 1439 (October 23rd, 2017) between the College of Clinical Pharmacy at King Faisal University, represented by the University’s President, HE Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammad Al-Oahli, and Al-Ahsa Hospital, represented by its Executive Director, Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine. 

 The event was attended, on behalf of the University, by Their Excellencies the Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service, Dr. Abdulrahman bin Sultan Al Anqari, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim bin Abdulrahman Al Haidar, Supervisor of Development of Community Engagement, Dr. Mohana bin Abdullah Aldulami, Dean of the College of the College of Clinical Pharmacy, Dr. Bander E. Dubiab, and Coordinator of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, Dr. Yasir A. Ibrahim, and on the part of Al-Ahsa Hospital by Medical Director, Dr. Fadi Aoun, Chief of Medical Staff, Dr. Hisham Imam, Patient Services Director, Mr. Abdulaziz al-Khalidi, Human Resources Consultant, Mr. Faisal Al-Dhaher, and Head of Pharmacy Department, Dr. Reham Al-Basha. 

During the meeting, HE Dr. Mohammad Al-Oahli, the President of the University, stressed the importance of concluding such agreements with one of most outstanding medical institutions in Al-Ahsa province, Al-Ahsa Hospital, which aims primarily at training students and providing them with the necessary skills for their future work. He also commended the cooperation between the University and the Hospital assuring that it will create new opportunities for both parties to serve their community, achieve a fruitful collaboration, and become leading institutions in the fields of education, teaching, and training. 

 In turn, the Dean of the College of Clinical Pharmacy, Dr. Bander E. Dubiab, explained that this agreement is part of King Faisal University’s plan to broaden scientific cooperation and uphold the quality of higher education offered affecting positively the teaching and learning outcomes KFU aims to achieve. He also thanked the University for empowering the administration of the COCP to help reach this goal and added that this agreement is a result of KFU’s belief in the importance of its academic and scientific role in spreading knowledge and culture and its continuous encouragement of holding agreements that strengthen this role and help the University become a pioneer in the fields of teaching and community service.

Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine, Executive Director of Al-Ahsa Hospital, mentioned that the Hospital is proud of having signed a memorandum of agreement with a prestigious and distinguished educational institution such as King Faisal University. He also congratulated HE Dr. Mohammad Al-Oahli for the University’s 2016-2020 strategic plan and the COCP for receiving international recognition from the Board of Accreditation for American Pharmaceutical Education as well as the international accreditation of the Canadian Board for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs.

Dr. Maher Jamal Eddine further noted that the first fruitful cooperation between King Faisal University and Al-Ahsa Hospital was achieved on 26-08-2015 when a memorandum of agreement and cooperation was signed with the Faculty of Medicine at King Faisal University.

He also assured that the Hospital will work hand in hand with the University administration to ensure close cooperation in the field of student training as well as in research studies, high-level advisory services, and the provision of technical support in order to supply the society with distinguished graduates who will make us and the Kingdomproud of them.