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Employee of the Year 2018



In each institution there is a number of employees who perform their duties under the leadership of their managers who supervise them, guide them, provide them with advice and instructions, and honor the most outstanding ones, therefore, no one can limit excellence to himself since it belongs to those who excel, and the price of excellence is discipline and devotion to work in every circumstance among the team.


From this perspective, and as part of its incentive scheme, the hospital honors its employees on yearly basis with its Employee of the Year initiative. This Initiative is the light that leads, and the strength that lifts people to excellence. Praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace. People want to be respected and valued by their superiors for their contribution, hard work and dedication.


Every year, the names of the most outstanding employees in each department are nominated by their respective manager or director, and the winner will be randomly selected in a raffle drawing.



Outstanding Employee of the year 2018: Ms.Ayat Mohammed Al Sader

Job Title: Performance Improvement Coordinator - Quality improvement and patient safety department.


The real competition is always between what you are doing and what you can achieve, and the most important part of competing against yourself is the ability to set your own values and metrics.


We Wish you all the best of Luck