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Magrabi Ophthalmology Center



Our Hospital provides the ophthalmology services through Magrabi eye Centre.

All Ophthalmology procedures including the most highly advanced procedures are done by Magrabi medical team at Al-Ahsa Hospital.


Magrabi’s Main Services:

Based on Magrabi’s philosophy, and for more than 60 years, we have provided all different sub-specialties in the ophthalmology field. This discipline gives more accurate results in the diagnosis, treatment and surgeries of eye diseases.


We have the following treatment units:


1.  Cataract Unit:

To treat Cataract (opacity of the eye lens) and Intra-Ocular Lens Implant.

2.  Glaucoma Unit:

To treat different types of Glaucoma.

3.  Refractive surgery Unit:

For correction of all types of refractive errors using Lasik surgery and other modern technologies.

4.  Cornea and External Eye Disease Unit:

For the treatment of diseases of the Cornea, Conjunctiva, Ocular Allergy and Corneal transplant surgeries.

5.  Vitreo-Retinal Unit:

To treat retina and vitreous related diseases via Laser, injections and or surgeries.

6.  Squint & Pediatric Ophthalmology Diseases Unit:

To treat eye diseases in pediatrics such as congenital Glaucoma, congenital Cataract, congenital Retinopathy, Strabismus and Amblyopia.

7.  Oculoplasty Unit:

Plastic surgery of the eyes such as Ptosis (relaxation of eyelids) and others.

8.  Contact Lenses Unit and Low Vision Aids Unit:

               For proper refraction, identification of the suitable types of contact lenses for patients and for cosmetic purposes.

9.  Ophthalmic Investigation Unit:

       We provide many advanced tests that are required to assure the diagnosis and follow up of the patients' medical condition.



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Magrabi Ophthalmology Center


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