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Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL)



Kidney stones are formed more frequently in men in the prime of middle age, and will be of a greater chance of development for people who live in a hot climate, if they did not drink enough fluids to compensate for the water lost through sweating.


The urinary tract stones are considered of the most common diseases, especially in hot countries, where the incidence of Kidney stones formation is around (2-3)% in general, while the recurrence rate ranges from 10% in the first year of treatment of the first session to 50% in ten years, and then will decrease below this ratio after that.


Therapeutic options:

Treating kidney stones depends on its size, small stones can pass by drinking plenty of fluids and taking appropriate pain relievers or painkillers, and sometimes some small stones can settle in the Ureter, and these can be removed by a telescopic procedure (Ureteroscopy).


Latest medical technologies:

The larger stones may cause more problems and usually it settles in the Kidney or in the Upper part of the Ureter because it can’t pass. Such stones is to be treated by the ESWL procedure. 


 ESWL Procedure time:

The procedure time vary depending on the nature and size of the stone, but mostly a single session takes from 20 minutes to half an hour without pain, anesthesia, surgery or telescopic procedure where immediately patients can exercise their work and go back to their routine lives.


Surgical option might be as the last resort:

In some cases, some stones are to be removed by surgery, although this procedure is rarely and to be considered as a last resort after the failure of drug therapy, and other therapeutic methods in effectively breaking up the stone in a safer way.


We advise drinking enough water



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