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Department of Internal Medicine



The Department of Internal Medicine strives to maintain a leadership role in providing specialized healthcare services to our patients. Our staff comprises consultants, specialists, and nurses with high scientific and practical skills who are committed to offering High-Quality Patient-Centered Care, and optimal clinical care services using the latest technology around the clock, for both inpatients and outpatients.

In most of our provided services, the standards of patient safety and healthcare Quality are comparable to those delivered at major medical centers in North America and Europe.


Our services and expertise are renowned in all the eastern region of KSA.


The department of internal medicine consists of the following divisions:

* Cardiology division.

* Nephrology.

* Gastroenterology.

* Pulmonary.

* Endocrinology.

* Neurology.

* Psychiatry.

* Rheumatology.

* Dermatology.



Doctors section : Department of Internal Medicine


Dr.Inas Al Sherbini

Dr.Inas Al Sherbini

Nephrology Consultant
Dr.Mohamed Tharwat

Dr.Mohamed Tharwat

Internal Medicine Specialist
   Dr. Shabana Ashraf

Dr. Shabana Ashraf

  General Practitioner
 Dr. Salwa Al Othman

Dr. Salwa Al Othman

Internal Medicine Consultant