A Message From The Executive Director



A message from the Executive Director


For eight years, it has been my honor and privilege to serve as executive director of Al Ahsa Hospital-AAH.


During a time of unprecedented and unsettling transformation in the healthcare industry and its funding resources, we continue to navigate through almost constant change and challenge.


The implementation of our strategic plan is paying off in terms of increasing revenue opportunities and changing the way we manage ever increasing costs so that we can do more with less reliance on constricted financial resources and still grow in ways that are important for our community.


As in past years, we frame our goals and priorities around the “4 Ps” inherent to our mission:  our patients, our providers, our people and our purpose. Setting and achieving goals in each of these areas furthers our top priority of delivering safe, effective and high quality healthcare services to our community, And aiming at our patient as a strategic objective.


Since 2002, Al Ahsa Hospital has been committed to serving patients and their families, playing a major role in the community and creating the best possible environment for our stakeholders across Al Ahsa province and the eastern region.


The hospital houses all the specialty branches and ensures that our patients receive the friendliest and most attentive service and will be among the first to benefit from cutting edge treatments and technology.


The quality of care and patient safety are one of the strategic directions of Al Ahsa hospital. This is a commitment we have made to Patients, families, healthcare practitioners, staff, and our community.


To achieve the goals of this strategic direction, we constantly refine our practices to meet the highest standards of care through experience, and continuously strive to earn national and international accreditations.


On November 10th, 2016, and for the third time in a row in three years, the hospital has earned the Re-certification of the Joint Commission hospital accreditation program granted by the Joint Commission International (JCI), who stands alone as a consistent beacon for patient Safety and Quality Improvement in the global community and recognized as the world’s pioneer in the Field of Health Facilities accreditation.


On June 7th, 2017, the hospital received accreditation from the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of  Healthcare institutions (CBAHI), who is the sole official agency authorized to grant accreditation certificates to all governmental and private healthcare facilities operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after passing an assessment process that involved a comprehensive, rigorous, and transparent evaluation to determine the compliance of its systems, processes, and performance with the applicable predetermined and published national standards.


On March, 12th, 2018, and for the second time in a row, the hospital has once again earned the renewal of the International Food Safety Management Systems Certification - ISO 22000:2005 - for a new cycle of 3 years, which is recognized as one of the best systems in the world to ensure the food is safe and the entire processing cycle is sound.


On January 10th, 2019, and for the second time in a row, the accreditation committee of the College of American Pathologists (CAP), has awarded accreditation to the laboratory of Al Ahsa hospital, for a new cycle of 2 years, based on results of an on-site inspection, as part of the CAP's Accreditation Program.


These achievements came as a result of the commitment of the Board of  Directors, hospital management and its entire staff to the process of continuous quality improvement and patient safety through maintaining a secure work environment and high level of performance.


Our community can be assured of our commitment to provide superior healthcare services where our patients come first and feel cared for like family-as one of our own.


Best wishes for healthy and productive years to come.


In the steadfast pursuit of excellence, I remain,


Sincerely yours,


Executive Director

Dr.Maher Jamal Eddine



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