About Al Ahsa Hospital



Hospital background

Al Ahsa hospital is a private hospital which was designed as a high-end facility capable of future expansion considering the healthcare trends in the region and the demand for quality healthcare services. The building is comprised of 5 floors and a basement to support 220-beds. 


The hospital was designed as a general hospital supported by all essential diagnostic and treatment departments with a total area of approximately 50,000 Square meters which also contains staff housing for males, females, physicians and nurses as well as a mosque and other service buildings.


We will always strive to organize and strengthen our improvement efforts, enhance the staff continuous education and learning, and improve the quality of care, patient safety and risk management.


Legal Business Structure


Al Ahsa Company for Medical Services is a closed Joint Stock company registered in the ministry of trade and commerce under the Commercial Register number: 2252025213.


Medical Departments Breakdown


1.   Department of Surgery.

2.   Department of Internal Medicine.

3.   Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

4.   Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology.


Our Mission


Al Ahsa Hospital is committed to consistently improve the healthcare quality by providing excellent preventive and curative medical services to our patients through adopting national and international healthcare standards, recruiting highly skilled staff in order to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in a safe environment.


Our Vision


To be the preferred choice for patients, associates and all healthcare providers in the Eastern region.


Our Core Values (How do we behave)


We act ethically and responsibly in everything we do and hold ourselves accountable for our behavior.

Ethnical and cultural sensitivity

Being sensitive to ethnical and cultural background of patients, visitors and employees.


Delivering excellence in all clinical and non-clinical activities.


Responding to the emotional needs of patients and their families, during the healing process.


Recognizing the power of coordinated input in managing projects and in the delivery of care.


Operating with a commitment to seek out and providing effective progressive procedures.


Our Philosophy is to focus on


       1- Our Stakeholders.

       2- Quality and Safety.

       3- Customer Service for All.


It is the expectation of Al-Ahsa Hospital that all divisions of the organization and their departments develop, implement and evaluate individual plans that support its Mission, Vision and Values.


Business type

It is Healthcare including but not limited to: Hospitalization, Surgical     procedures, Consultations and Diagnostic services.

Usually, hospital executives often ponder the basic business of a hospital versus its ancillary offerings. As hospitals face extreme pressure due to declining reimbursements, tough competition, defecting physicians, tight credit markets and other factors, it is more imperative than ever to nail down the essence of a hospital's business and to determine what is essential to protect and grow.

Few organizations define their business as delivering every type of service to everybody all the time, yet most general hospitals are set up along precisely these lines. The reason reflects the history of the hospital model.  It is of sense to centralize the provision of care in settings that could cater to the very diverse needs of a community.

The hospital stands today with its present capacity of 200 beds as a monument at the city of Al Ahsa, extending services to a population exceeding 1200 000 and increasing at a rate of 3,2% annually.

An Overview of our Services

We aim to deliver our services to our patients with the best quality practices and in a safe environment for all stakeholders. Our services are provided for both In Patients and Out Patients.


Hospital departments

· Department of Surgery

· Department of Internal Medicine

· Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

· Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology

· Intensive Care Unit

· Cardiac Care Unit

· Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

· Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

· Extended Care Unit

· Emergency Medicine Department

· Laboratory Department

· Blood Bank Department

· Diagnostic Radiology and Medical Imaging Department

· Pharmacy Department

· Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Department

· Operating Room services

· Hemodialysis Unit

· Cardiac Catheterization and Coronary Angiography unit

· Gastroenterology unit

· Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy

· Magrabi ophthalmology center

· Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development Center


Outpatient Department

The Outpatient Department is located on the hospital’s ground floor of the OPD, and covers the following specialties:


· General and Laparoscopic surgery clinics.

· Vascular Surgery Clinic.

·  Orthopedics and Joint replacement clinics.

·  Neurosurgery and spine surgery clinic.

·  ENT and Audiology clinics.

·  Urology and Andrology clinic.

·  Plastic Surgery clinic.

·  Pediatric Surgery clinic.

·  Internal Medicine Clinics.

·  Cardiology Clinics.

·  Nephrology clinics.

·  Endocrinology clinic.

·  Pulmonary clinic.

·  Psychiatric clinic.

·  Neurology and Electroencephalography clinic.

·  Rheumatology clinic.

·  Gastroenterology clinic.

·  Physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic.

·  Primary healthcare Clinics.

·  Periodical Physical examination and Screening clinic.

· Obstetrics and Gynecology clinics.

·  Pediatric and Neonatology clinics.

·  Pediatric Allergy and Immunology clinic.

·  Dental and Orthodontic Clinics.

·  Dermatology clinics.

·  Nutrition and weight management clinic.


Centers of Excellence

· In vitro fertilization.

· Dermaesthetic center.

· Bariatric Surgery unit.

Emergency Services


Our 20 bedded Emergency Department is providing full emergency services with a daily average of 200 patients over the 24 hours.


Our Location


Our location is easily accessible and provides a sense of security to our clients in a very crowded area where the need for medical services is very high.


Demographic Characteristics


Total KSA population: 27.1 million (2010).

·  18.7 million Saudi Nationals. (70%).

·   8.4 million Foreigners non-nationals (30%).


1-By gender:

· 51% percent of the Saudi population are males and 49% are Females with a High percentage of Young Population.


2-By age:

· Age group 15-64: 65%.

· Rising life expectancy to 73 years requires care for increasing number of elderly.


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